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My name is Esa, but I go by many other things, Haku, Kanon, Reeses.
I'm a jrock addict and I l♥ve me some vis kei eye sex.
I'm also a lolita, I'm really into japanese street fashion.
I am a freshman in college starting at columbus state, I will transfer to OSU.
I live in the middle of ohio, with almost no one interesting.
Which is why I got to Ohayocon, Anime Punch, Anime Central, Colossalcon, Matsuricon and Youmacon.
To see the only interesting people around.

Feel free to add me.

I will date Ni~ya on Valentine's Day 2008.☆彡

Show me your *LOVE* ——› Hakuei
*Shinji* makes my SUN shine bright~
}}Aki is my perfect man~
OMFGWTFBBQ! I'm so going to raep "Yumehito" if I have the chance! ಥ_ಥ
MY OTP BLOG CREW "Ni~ya x Hitsugi"
MY OTP BLOG CREW "Hakuei x Ruka"
"Oohh... making hot, passionate sex with "Taka" everyday is wearing me out. Another round won't hurt ne?
"Tatsurou" is the perfect epitome of Sex.
I can't live without some "Tora x Nao" fanservice. ☆.•°
Funny, whenever I see "dirt", it always reminds me of "Tatsurou". Aww... I miss that guy. ಠдಠ
Back off biotch! TERO's pants belongs to me!♥♥♥
¬::: Ni~ya wants to melt me cruelly with his Honey Fingers:::¬
My love for [Hakuei] is everlasting~
||Shinji|| can't take his ♥HANDS♥ xxxoff of me!!xxx